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May 6, 2018   2:00pm-3:00pm
Watson, Beldock & Beach

The modern folk-trio, Watson, Beldock and Beach performs an acoustic blend of original folk, blues and jazz. Together, the three are known for their dazzling musicianship, beautiful harmonies and humorous stage presence. Joining them will be one of San Diego's most talented percussionists, Enrique Platas.

Peggy Watson is known for her wide vocal range and effortlessly moves between contemporary folk, smoky jazz or melodic show tunes. David Beldock is widely regarded as one of San Diego's best guitar players as well as being a top-notch, award-winning songwriter. Bassist, Paul Beach, toured the world for many years with well-known bands, including Gary Puckett, Spanky and Our Gang, The Association, and The Mamas and The Papas. Special guest Enrique Platas is best known locally for his work in the amazing duo "Jimmy & Enrique." In addition to his tours with music stars such as Grammy-nominated Yuridia and Manolito of the Gipsy Kings, Enrique has performed on many recordings for musical artists under the Sony Mexico label.

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June 3, 2018   2:00pm-3:00pm
Spirit Wind Trio

Adrienne Nims and Spirit Wind take you on a musical journey with lush harmonies, mystical melodies, and global rhythms. The band's music, performed on flutes, saxophones, keyboard, and percussion, is eloquent, earthy, and multidimensional, combining jazz, Latin, Asian, R&B, and many different styles from around the globe. The unique melting pot of musical influences are at the forefront of Spirit Wind's passionate and emotive songs which speak to hearts and souls of the listeners as their music transcends borders.